Infrastructure Consultant

Infrastructure Consultant2020-08-07T09:17:36-04:00<p><strong>Role- Infrastructure Consultant(Devops)</strong></p> <p>Are you one of those who is hungry for challenges and would like to ride technology on the break neck speed or aspire to be one? Then, you are welcome to joining our team. Design, create, launch and improve the software deliver as needed by our clients.&nbsp;Play a critical role in designing, building and supporting cloud services and technology.&nbsp;This includes designing hosting architecture, optimising existing processes, choosing the right technology, maintaining and improving on existing technology pieces, working with game development studios to translate requirements into scale-able and supportable hardware and software architecture.</p> <p><strong>What you’ll do:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Understand the needs and challenges of a client across operations and development, and partner to formulate solutions that support their business and technical strategies and goals</li> <li>Develop solutions encompassing technology, process and people for:</li> <ul> <li>Continuous Delivery</li> <li>Infrastructure strategy &amp; operations (including cloud)</li> <li>Build and release management</li> <li>Basic understanding of Networking</li> <li>Security (fair understanding of application and infrastructure security)</li> </ul> <li>Recommend and Implement solutions. Be totally hands on and have the ability to work independently.</li> <li>Ensure delivery of exceptional technical solutions</li> <li>Maintain strong expertise and knowledge of current and emerging processes, techniques and tools</li> <li>Build the DevOps practice within ThoughtWorks and drive our thought-leadership externally</li> <li>Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner</li> </ul> <p><strong>What you’ll need:</strong></p> <ul> <li>6+ years of experience working in Development/DevOps teams</li> <li>Understanding of the practical application of Agile/Lean processes</li> <li>Strong technical foundation in:</li> <ul> <li>Linux (fundamentals, flavours of linux, shell scripting and networking) and/or Windows</li> <li>Working knowledge of virtualisation (eg. vmware, xen, kvm, virtualbox, etc)</li> <li>Cloud computing (AWS, Azure, GCP)</li> <li>Configuration management tools / Infrastructure automation (Ansible, Terraform, Chef, etc)</li> <li>Any of the Scripting languages (shell, ruby/jruby, perl, python, powershell, etc)</li> <li>Continuous integration tools (Jenkins,&nbsp;<a href=""></a>, teamcity, hudson, etc)</li> <li>Distributed SCM tools (git, mercurial, etc)</li> <li>Build tools (maven, gradle, nant, rake, etc)</li> <li>Package Management (rpm, nuget , etc)</li> <li>Repository Management Systems (Nexus, JFrog Artifactory etc)</li> <li>Containers and Container Orchestrations (Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Native orchestration like ECS)</li> <li>Working knowledge of application servers, servlet containers, and web servers</li> <li>Working knowledge in Monitoring/data collection tools/techniques (elk, nagios, splunk, zenoss, syslog-ng, etc) is a plus</li> </ul> <li>Collaborative, team focus and great communication skills</li> <li>Expert at creating documentation</li> </ul> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">#LI-INDIA</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>ThoughtworksBangaloreIndia