Senior Business Analyst 业务分析师(欧洲业务线)

Senior Business Analyst 业务分析师(欧洲业务线)2021-09-01T02:53:45-04:00<p><strong>Senior Business Analyst<br></strong><br>Responsibility:<br>● Having insights of the industry, market and users and ability of discovering and defining a business case to implement business value.<br>Deep insights of the trend, innovative areas in the industry/domain; Can perform market research, competitive analysis, and user research; Able to lead a process to create a business case pitch and present to business stakeholders; Able to lead a process to discover and define a business opportunity, create the concept model/prototype and come up with the delivery plan.<br><br>● Finding effective solutions by taking a holistic, abstract or theoretical perspective; Quickly identifies the central or underlying issues in a complex situation; Develops analogies or metaphors to explain a situation.<br>● Ability of facilitating strategic planning processes to have a strategic view at the long-term business vision, discover and define business/product strategy and work out the action plan toward the goals.<br>Able to prepare, design and facilitate strategic envisioning workshop; Ensures that people in the unit understand how their work relates to the business’s mission; Able to set long term visions and development plans for leaders in the business.<br>● Driving sustainable business value delivery by adopting a co-creative leadership model and effectively facilitate deep collaboration of all parties involved<br>● The tendency to keep the desired end result of business &amp; users clearly in mind, by setting goals and focusing on them tenaciously until they are achieved.<br>Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency about solving business problems and getting work done in the right way; Looks for ways to make a difference; Consistently demonstrates a positive can-do, overcome-any-barrier attitude.<br>Requirements:<br>● Minimum of 5 years experience as a Business Analyst/Product Owner;<br>● Fluent in both written and verbal English;<br>● Excellent verbal communication and workshop/training facilitation skills;<br>Influencing and negotiation skills.<br><br>Qualifications:<br>1、能够根据客户的上下文和需求给出项目的思路和计划<br>-梳理项目context、分析客户需求<br>-制定discovery和inception计划并主导实施<br>2、引导客户,将确定的需求转化为可交付的产品方案<br>-设计并主导针对需求分析的workshop<br>-设计产品功能、进行可行性测试/验证<br>-将业务全景图和主流程业务细化、可视化<br>Story Map输出,与团队一起制定交付计<br><br>Nice to have:<br>1、通过对市场和客户的研究给出客户一些可能的产品方向及优先级<br>-行业、竞品、客户现状分析<br>-产品诊断、产品规划与设计<br>-产品概念验证</p>ThoughtworksShanghaiChina