Product Manager 产品经理(HK/Macau Market)

Product Manager 产品经理(HK/Macau Market)2021-04-19T03:38:54-04:00<div class="job-detail"> <p>You will be responsible for:<br>* According to the requirements of the project, lead the industry and user research, mining business opportunities and user needs;<br>* Establish commercial and business models in different industries;<br>* Build products from zero to one, and participate the development;<br>* Lead the product growth and iterations after going live;<br>* Promote the communication and cooperation with customers, and deliver customer value;</p> <p>We hope you will:<br>* Have product ideals and ownership;<br>* At least 4 years of experience in large-scale Internet products, at least 1 complete product R &amp; D life cycle (or key large version release cycle), in-depth understanding of iteration, agile development and other common product development processes, and 0-1 and 1-100 processes of different types of products are preferred;<br>* Master the design framework of various product forms, and be able to provide the best product solutions according to customer requirements;<br>* Master product operation skills in various fields, have C-end product operation experience;<br>* Strong learning ability, able to quickly learn knowledge of different industries and fields, have your own thinking and summary of product methodology;<br>* Sensitive to industry status and changes, independent understanding and judgment - excellent communication and cooperation ability, resource integration and system analysis ability<br>* Have business sense, be able to use business logic to solve problems;<br>* Excellent guidance ability and persuasive oral and written expression;<br>* Customer and team management ability is also be needed.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>你将负责:<br>* 根据项目需求,主导行业和用户调研,挖掘商业机会及用户需求;<br>* 在不同行业背景下进行商业及业务模式的设计和创新;<br>* 从零到一构建产品,并主导产品的开发上线;<br>* 参与主导产品上线后的运营增长及迭代;<br>* 领导团队完成项目,推进客户及团队的沟通协作,交付客户价值;</p> <p>我们希望你:<br>* 有产品理想,对负责的产品有ownership;<br>* 有4年以上大型互联网产品经验,至少经历过1个完整的产品研发生命周期(或关键大版本发布周期),深入理解迭代、敏捷开发等通用产品开发流程,经历过不同类型产品0-1及1-100过程者尤佳;<br>* 熟练掌握多种产品形态的设计框架,能按照客户需求提供最佳产品方案;<br>* 懂运营,掌握各领域产品运营技巧,有C端产品运营经验;<br>* 学习能力强,能够快速学习不同行业及领域的知识,对产品方法论有自己的思考和总结;<br>* -对所在行业状态、行业变化敏感,有独立理解和判断-优秀的沟通协作能力、资源整合能力和系统分析能力<br>* 有商业sense,能够运用商业逻辑解决问题;<br>* 具备优秀的指导能力和有说服力的口头及书面表达;<br>* 具备一定的客户及团队管理能力。</p> </div> <div class="job-detail">&nbsp;</div> <div class="job-detail">&nbsp;</div> <div class="job-detail">&nbsp;</div> <div class="job-detail">&nbsp;</div> <p>source code:</p> <p style="color: white;">#LI-CHINA</p>ThoughtworksHong Kong,ChinaChina