UI Developer (4-8 years)

UI Developer (4-8 years)2021-05-03T04:06:41-04:00<p>We are looking for <strong>passionate</strong>, opinionated and creative individuals who believe that most front end developers are cut and paste specialists, but <strong>they are different</strong>. Professionals who can't wait to drop IE6 support and already plan their UIs for the <strong>iPhone </strong>and <strong>Android </strong>because they know what's coming. Developers who understand the intricacies and <strong>insanity </strong>of cross-browser development. People who are capable, and willing, to play a key part in <strong>shaping the future</strong> of Agile software development and offshore services.<br><br><strong>If you would like to...</strong></p> <ul> <li>Work with all kinds of crazy developers, obsessive BA's and demanding clients to design and build new features.</li> <li>Pairing with UX designers to build out design concepts and interactive prototypes</li> <li>Pairing with developers to ensure that the presentation layer is implemented in accordance with best above best practices and UX specifications</li> <li>Write good <strong>JavaScript </strong>code from scratch.</li> <li>Produce clean, semantic <strong>HTML </strong>and <strong>CSS</strong>, agonizing along the way for pixel perfection.</li> <li>Ensure <strong>cross-browser compatibility.</strong></li> <li>Make things shrink, twist, rotate, run across the page and fade (tastefully).</li> <li>Build simple, blindingly simple interfaces and believe that writing maintainable CSS goes beyond good class names.</li> <li>Believe that disabled and visually challenged users have a right to use the web as easily as everyone else.</li> <li>You believe that Agile and UI development can coexist.</li> </ul> <p><strong>And you have...</strong></p> <ul> <li>4-8 years of experience developing modular front-end components using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JSON and microformats</li> <li>Understanding of the difference between an interface, a class and an object and comprehension of cascaded inheritance, prototype based inheritance etc.</li> <li>Knowledge of what the following have in common: trident, gecko and webkit.</li> <li>Created good abstractions that actually get reused</li> <li>Considerable ability to be hard headed about markup quality</li> <li>That PhotoShop, Flash, Flex and SilverLight are just some of the things you've tried on your road to us.</li> <li>Solid understanding of user-centered design principles</li> </ul> <p>If this sounds like the sort of thing you are looking for, we should be speaking. Please apply online. <strong>We want to hear from you!</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>#LI-INDIA</strong></p>ThoughtworksChennaiIndia