Project manager 项目经理 (China North Market)

Project manager 项目经理 (China North Market)2021-11-11T22:50:31-05:00Location:Xi’an &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br>Work experience:5+ years&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br>English: Professional &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br>Education:Bachelor-Master degree<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; <br>&nbsp;<br>Position:&nbsp; Project manager/ Agile Iteration manager<br><br>Responsibilities: <br><br><br>Responsible for running Agile rituals i.e. Feature elaboration/Estimation, daily stand ups, release planning, Iteration Planning Meeting, Retrospective, Showcase, etc<br><br>Managing a distributed Agile development team in Xi’an and Sydney <br><br>Responsible in ensuring that development process are strictly followed and projects delivered on time<br><br>Ongoing coaching, training and mentoring to improve process competencies across multiple agile teams in different locations<br><br>Part of the IM Community of Practice to standardise and improve the Agile process across teams <br><br>Making sure that team has defined goal for iteration and all team member are concerned in the iteration’s tasks<br><br>Iteration management – ensuring that the development tasks are on schedule and are included and prioritised correctly for each release and iteration<br><br>Following up projects completion – keeping constant communication open with the team on how the iteration is planned and tracked <br><br>Day-to-day communication with the team and customers from different locations to finds and remove roadblocks<br><br>Informing Clients and stakeholders about progress and potential risk<br><br>Protects team from outside distractions.&nbsp; Avoiding noise and reacting on it if necessary’<br><br>Regular catchups and reviews with clients to get <br><br><br><br>Skill Requirements:<br><br><br>Must have: <br><br>3+ years experienced in IT service industry as project managers or iteration managers<br>Global IT enterprise working experience<br>Professional English skills (Written and Speaking)<br>Open minded, be able to provide and obtain feedback to team and clients<br>Excellent Leadership and communication skills<br>Be able to travel overseas occasionally<br><br>Nice to have:<br><br>Account management/ sales experience <br>Overseas working experience <br>Onsite working experience with clients<br>Familiar with Agile and lean development process<br>Mobile Apps projects experience<br>IT background<br><br><strong>Ref: *LI</strong><br>ThoughtworksXi'anChina