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Macro trends in the tech industry | Nov 2019

Mike Mason

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How many programming languages should your business support?

Rebecca Parsons

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Coding habits for data scientists

David Tan

21 Jan 2020

Modern day service orchestration using DSLs

Janvi Parikh

16 Jan 2020

Businesses don’t care for design: they care for business outcome

Veronika Quek

13 Jan 2020

Pre-commit: Don’t git hooked!

Matt Riley

10 Jan 2020

Objectives and Key Results: Continuously improve on using the OKR method

Anne Weise

7 Jan 2020

Developer Advocacy: Turning a passion for talking about tech into a career

Scott Davis

13 Dec 2019

A year in review - editors' top content for 2019

Brigitte Britten-Kelly

11 Dec 2019

Driving change: evolving our culture through design

Samantha Rosa and Sara Michelazzo

4 Dec 2019

How to tell secrets

Gitanjali Venkatraman

26 Nov 2019

Pushing the boundaries of customer experience

JoJo Swords

25 Nov 2019

Seven principles of pair programming etiquette

Juntao Qiu

19 Nov 2019

Context setting on blockchain

Erin Kyle

14 Nov 2019

Designing Agile: When deadlines are short, budgets are tight and the client thinks design is simply colouring in

Emma Carter

13 Nov 2019

Making the data dream a reality

JoJo Swords

12 Nov 2019

In the midst of the AI race – are ethics moving fast enough?

Anna Gudmundson

11 Nov 2019

Six tactics to maximize UX research in agile

Kuppy Tanaporn Benjapolakul

8 Nov 2019

Opening up risk management: Always on, everybody’s business

Jim Gumbley

28 Oct 2019

Agile design in everyday life

Esther Tham

23 Oct 2019

BIG Data, Fast Data — Part Two

Tom Glover

17 Oct 2019

How to seize technology opportunities - while staying on the right side of the line

Ashok Subramanian

11 Oct 2019

How to build an excellent chatbot

Daniel Schruhl and Lina Zubyte