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Experimentation helps retailers optimize their supply chain - here’s how

Praful Todkar

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Becoming a Platform-enabled Retailer

Daniel McMahon, Lloyd Shanks, Matt Harris and Natalie Drucker

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Platforms for Growth: Connecting Digital Strategy to Technology

Giles Alexander, Lloyd Shanks and Natalie Drucker

3 May 2018

Leader or laggard: How ready is your retail business?

Ruth Harrison

1 Feb 2018

Retail analytics: from hours to seconds using R

Bharani Subramaniam

28 Jan 2018

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Kevin Flynn

14 Jan 2018

The Lost Millennials: will our Financial Services sector ever find them?

JoJo Swords

10 Jan 2018

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Matt Harris

7 Dec 2017

Microservices architecture: flexibility for omni-channel retailers

Frank Pototzki and Marcus Klein

23 Oct 2017

6 takeaways from Shoptalk Europe

Kevin Flynn and Matt Harris

27 Sep 2017

Who are the ready in retail?

Daniel Pallozzi

20 Sep 2017

Retail digital transformation: fad or friend?

Jonathan Pangrazio, Kevin Flynn and Matt Harris

6 Sep 2017

How retailers can plug their business into social platforms and master social selling

Apeksha Naurumanchi, Mark Collin and Sanjeev Athreya

2 Aug 2017

Why conversational UI? Why now?

Holden Bale and Neil Redding

5 Jul 2017

Feeding the future: How the food industry is changing

Daniel McMahon and Olivia Leonard

24 Jun 2017

The future of food: the stomach wars are on

Charles Orton -Jones

31 May 2017

The Changing Face of Retail: News Series with the BRC and ITN

Mark Collin

12 Mar 2017

EuroShop 2017 - Digitalisierung des Handels

Aileen Pistorius and Frank Pototzki

20 Jan 2017

Advertise Less, Innovate More

Daniel Pallozzi and Robin Copland

9 Dec 2016

What Can Retailers Learn From Hackathons?

Lloyd Shanks

16 Nov 2016

The Modern Retailer's Holy Grail

Daniel McMahon and Justin Grey

10 Oct 2016

5 Key Takeaways from Retail Week Buzz

Mark Collin, Matt Hildon and Ruth Harrison

4 Aug 2016

Q&A: Trends, Technology and the State of Retail

Giles Alexander and Justin Grey