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Exploring value-oriented incremental delivery

Vinod Santhanam

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Iterating the Product Owner Role: From Owner to Assistant

Pete Coulter

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The Future of Agile: Innovators, Imitators, and Idiots

Jim Highsmith

8 Jan 2018

Running a retrospective with large teams

Anne Weise

27 Sep 2017

Slicing your development work as a multi-layer cake

Luis Mizutani

5 Sep 2017

Applying Conway's Law to improve your software development

Fausto de la Torre

5 Jun 2017

The power of RAID

Madonna Swanson

1 Apr 2017

How Product-Centric IT Disrupts Portfolio Management

Sriram Narayan

7 Oct 2016

To Err is Human: Making Decisions with An Algorithmic Rule Engine

Ryan Alexander

28 Jul 2016

Pairing, Are You Doing it Wrong?

Ryan Oglesby

2 May 2016

Distributed Development Enablers Part 3: Tools and Infrastructure

Sunil Mundra

18 Apr 2016

Planejando seu caminho para a Fluência Ágil

Kelsey van Haaster

5 Apr 2016

Distributed Development Enablers Part 2: Process

Sunil Mundra

22 Mar 2016

Distributed Development Enablers Part 1: People

Sunil Mundra

26 Feb 2016

Continuous Improvement: In Defense of BHAGs!

David Worthington

16 Feb 2016

Challenges Faced in Distributed Development

Sunil Mundra

3 Feb 2016

Feature Leading in Agile Teams

Matt Chamberlain

30 Dec 2015

The Most Popular Content on Insights 2015

Daniel Pallozzi, Kaifeng Zhang, Prarthana Sridhar and Sarah Howe

16 Dec 2015

The Road from an Agile Practitioner to an Agile Coach

Aman King

7 Dec 2015

Sete Dicas para Planejar sua Próxima Reunião com Clientes

Luis Mizutani

18 Nov 2015

[Podcast] Does Product-Centric IT Need Projects and Programs?

Sriram Narayan

25 Oct 2015

Feed the Feedback

Leandro Guimaraes

14 Oct 2015

[Book Review] Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability

Matt Philip