First Year Experience

The ThoughtWorks First Year Experience is an onboarding program in North America, focused on helping new ThoughtWorkers learn about our culture, our approach to technology consulting and in general, how to be an amazing ThoughtWorker. The program provides guidance and connections within the organization, but also challenges each new hire to think about their strengths, opportunity areas, goals and career path.

FYE Components

These five components of the FYE work together to help new hires navigate ThoughtWorks and become well rounded consultants, delivering value to our clients.

In these informal, one-on-one sessions, you’ll get career and performance coaching to help you set goals, stay accountable, and think about the big picture.

In the program, you’ll immerse yourself in our feedback culture. You’ll learn about all things feedback: how to give and receive it effectively, and how to use feedback as a tool to help yourself and others around you to grow. 

Throughout your First Year Experience, you’ll participate in a wide variety of sessions designed to expose you to more information about everything from craft skills to professional skills, internal resources to account leadership.

You'll build important relationships with peers and leaders, and find mentors, advisors and coaches to help you navigate your own career path. This career development team will help you understand the business and where you fit into it, and keep you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. 

Together with your career development team, you’ll regularly take time to appreciate your growth and plan your path ahead. Reflections are an important opportunity to think back on your performance, recognize accomplishments and challenges and discuss progress on goals and feedback.

The First Year Experience Journey

Recognizing that new hires join us at all stages of their careers, there are three main journeys to provide the specific structure and support depending on level of experience.