A customer centric and professional e-commerce solution to replace the catalogue business.

The Witt-Group is a leading textile mail order company targeting customers over fifty years of age. The group owns eight brands, all united under the umbrella of the Witt-group. With over 15 online shops and around 370 different types of catalogues, the group reaches their clients in Germany and around the world. 

The WITT-WEIDEN found that they had to keep up with the changing lifestyle of older people. They had become more digital as was evident in their shopping behaviour. 

WITT WEIDEN’s clients had become more digital and were willing to shop anywhere, and at any time to keep with new fashion trends.

With a pure catalogue business, they could not deliver on those needs. They realized that the the solution is to become more customer centric and enable shopping across all devices, at any time and at the same time, offer individual guidance, promotions and fashion trends. 

In the past, a key success factor had been strong process optimisation in catalogue production, which secured the profitability of the WITT WEIDEN-brands and -markets. In a world where printed catalogues no longer exist, WITT WEIDEN understood the need to run digital channels as effectively as their catalogue business.

ThoughtWorks convinced us with it's innovative methods and it's objectivity. Which they demonstrated in offering different solution approaches but always go for the one that's most efficient for the client.
— Wolfgang Jess, Director Marketing, Sales and Human Resources

The e-commerce product visioning was the starting point for this project. The Witt-group formed a cross functional team that together with ThoughtWorks outlined the ideal customer experience along the user journey. 

The team conducted multiple interviews with WITT WEIDEN-clients to prove their underlying assumptions. Clients outlined their online shopping experiences at WITT WEIDEN or other competitors. Those insights built the basis for the Journey map shown below

The journey map illustrates the positive and negative experiences clients face today. Based on the learnings from the map, WITT WEIDEN now has to strengthen their positives and focus on overcoming the negatives to differentiate themselves from competitors. The outcome of the Product Visioning Workshop was a Lean Value Tree that will guide them while building their new ecommerce platform.