Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS

Immersive coaching helps team imbibe and implement Agile best practices.

“This is the most successful training workshop in the history of Samsung SDS. It has had unheard-of satisfaction rating! This was not just training, but a transformative experience. ThoughtWorkers are not afraid of changes, they define the changes that are coming.”

Leader of Technology Strategy team, Samsung SDS

The challenge

  • Planning and formulating a 7-week intensive Agile workshop across multiple timezones and involving 20+ participants.
  • Overcoming possible challenges due to language and cultural differences.
  • Confronting a silo-ed work environment.

How did ThoughtWorks Training help?

  • Delivered an immersive 7-week Agile training that included coaching in Agile fundamentals, a developer workshop and a BA/QA workshop.
  • Conducted the training in an empathetic, relatable and interactive style that embraced the professional and social culture.
  • Enabled the team to successfully deliver on a globally distributed Agile project.

The results

  • Fourteen Samsung SDS IT people coached in Agile principles and practices.
  • A functioning website that would help connect blood donors and recipients in India.
  • A changed mindset of the software development process by experiencing first-hand the benefits of implementing Agile best practices.

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