A mobile app that inspires you to make a dent in the universe

JustGiving are a UK-based online fundraising organization with technology that makes it simple, safe and inspiring to give money to causes. Founded in 2001, JustGiving built the world’s first online fundraising page, a radically easy way for member organizations to raise money and collect Gift Aid. JustGiving also help fundraisers create and build a community of supporters, using social media to get their stories out. More than 13,000 charitable organizations raise funds using the JustGiving platform.

JustGiving wanted to make it simple and fast for mobile users to give money, and discover new (and old) causes related to their interests and affiliations through a process of personalization. They also wanted to let fundraisers provide rich content directly to users’ phones, to inspire people to give by showing how their generosity could change the world.

JustGiving engaged ThoughtWorks to run an eight week innovation lab to get their app to market.

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