Free to make your mark
Free to make your mark

ThoughtWorks challenges curious minds to make a real impact


Meet Zhamak

As a young girl, she received her first computer and discovered a portal to a new world. See how far it took Zhamak Dehghani and where she is today.

Meet Jonny

It took a journey through the jungle to find his path. See how Jonny LeRoy went from adventuring backpacker to Head of Technology.

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We have a really thoughtful and generous benefits package for ThoughtWorkers in the UK.

Why ThoughtWorks? This is Karen’s story...

If you love solving big, complex problems that challenge your brain and build your skills. If you want to be part of a tech community, not just work for a tech consultancy.

If you care about doing the right thing – to solve the problems at hand, but also for society. If you are curious, honest, tenacious (and nice). You'll like it here.

Folks you might meet

Laura Paterson

From dev to office principal, now Laura is leading our social impact work in the UK...

Dave Elliman

Dave is one of our Global Heads of Technology. And he still writes code...

Alex Gibson

Alex joined ThoughtWorks in Australia as a recruiter, now she runs our global LD paths...

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XConf EU is built by technologists, for technologists - no fuss, just real tech.

This one-day, two-track event gives you direct access to a diverse range of ThoughtWorks senior technologists working on our clients’ most complex challenges.