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Thursday, 25 February, 2021 - 1pm Sydney | 7:30am Bangalore | 9am Bangkok | 10am Singapore | 10am Beijing (1 hour inc 15 min Q&A)

Product management on the inside

Internal systems are often the Tasmania of product management, often not thought about, sometimes left off the map completely. But treating collections of internal systems, platforms, and processes like products can unleash a tremendous amount of value throughout your entire organisation. We’re seeing more of this happen across our clients worldwide, and also the challenges that brings. Whilst most of the product management discussion is still focussed on B2C and increasingly B2B, we also need to have more conversations about product management when your ‘customer’ is your colleague.

During this session, we'll explore some of the unique challenges in product management in this space, starting with the need for it at all, and examine ways to meet those challenges. In particular, we'll focus on the product management of platforms, which we're seeing as an increasingly urgent need. We’ll cover

  • The case for ‘internal’ product management, some useful models and some common anti-patterns
  • Why your Build - Measure - Learn cycle may be starting in the wrong place
  • Why a vision statement is important, how to construct one that is useful, and how to measure success
  • How to design a successful go to market strategy when your customers are your colleagues


Robin Doherty

Meaghan Waters

Product and Experience Design Principal, ThoughtWorks

Meaghan is a Product and Experience Design Principal with over 20 years experience in the field. Her work for ThoughtWorks over the last 10 years has encompassed product management and design, both creating new products and transforming legacy. Meaghan also spent 3 years as Head of Design and Product for ThoughtWorks Global Technical Operations, transforming that 250 person organisation from project based to product focussed teams and beyond.

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