Recipes for Continuous Database Integration

Pramod Sadalage

Evolutionary database development

Applying the principles of continuous integration to database changes can seem daunting: after all, no one wants to risk losing business-critical data. But not including the database can be costly and introduces other risks, as manually made changes are challenging to track and deploy. In this book, Pramod Sadalage provides a practical guide to applying continuous integration practices to database change management. Each section covers practical tasks that need to be done, with an in-depth explanation of how to achieve this.

This book was written in 2006 when Agile and Evolutionary development was nascent. Many practices, tools, and technologies have evolved since then, even though the concepts of managing database schema, database code, reference data, and test data are still relevant. No matter the type of project, either using a single greenfield database or multi-team project with decades long history of development.

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In this webinar Pramod Sadalage and the host, Vanya Seth, discuss why the practice is still necessary and relevant, and what are the best ways to apply it in today's reality.

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Pramod Sadalage


At Thoughtworks Pramod enjoys the rare role of bridging the divide between database professionals and application developers. He is usually sent in to clients with particularly challenging data needs, which require new technologies and techniques. In the early 00’s he developed techniques to allow relational databases to be designed in an evolutionary manner based on version-controlled schema migrations. He is contributing author for Building Evolutionary Architectures - Support Constant Change, co-author of Refactoring Databases, co-author of NoSQL Distilled, author of Recipes for Continuous Database Integration and continues to speak and write about the insights he and his clients learn.

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