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Press 2 for more information, is an Australian produced podcast aiming to illuminate the ‘who’ - the people behind the scenes, a little of their story, their day to day work, and aspirations for their craft as ThoughtWorkers.

Hosts Nigel Dalton, Sue Visic and Evan Bottcher form a multi-disciplinary panel to discuss how elements of their guest’s life experiences, education and even families have played into their career, how they balance their learning time with everyday life, how they stay at the top of their technical game, plus discussions on the business value of the technology they are working on.


In this episode of Press 2 for more information we get the chance to find out more about ThoughtWorks Data Engineer Harmeet Sokhi and explore in depth a couple of themes from her recent ThoughtWorks webinar 'An Introduction to ML Feature Stores'.

In this episode of Press 2 for more information hosts Nigel Dalton, Sue Visic and Evan Bottcher have a chat with fellow ThoughtWorkers Mat Kelcey and Matt Travers on the topic of their popular and recent By ThoughtWorks event on 'Machine Learning for Product Managers'. 

Podcast Hosts

Sue Visic

Director, Data & AI Practice, Australia

As a data enthusiast at heart, Sue provides strategic direction and an operational focus to ensure ThoughtWorks delivers high quality data and AI service offerings that helps not only solve our clients' toughest problems, but also leads the market in data practices.

Nigel Dalton

Social Scientist, Australia

As a social scientist, Nigel equips organisations with the tools and thinking that can accelerate them to become a Modern Digital Business – seamlessly managing online to offline in a post-customer, more human-centric world.

Evan Bottcher

Head of Engineering, Australia

Evan is a an experienced hands-on technical leader with more than two decades of experience building and integrating systems, providing clients with advice on technology strategy, enterprise architecture and software delivery practices.

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