The many faces of the Wall Part 1 - The Scrum Taskboard

Posted by Team Mingle

14 June 2013

Our recent “Best Card Wall” competition highlighted the varied ways in which the card wall is used for planning, estimation, visibility, tracking, decision making and reporting activities.

In this series, we’ll see how Mingle’s card wall can help you create many different views displaying customizable information for various purposes, levels and roles.

Scrum Taskboard

A common use of the Card Wall is a Scrum Taskboard or 2D Taskboard which shows the current sprint status of tasks by story and status.

Scrum Taskboard in 30 sec


Who would use it? Scrum practitioners.

When would you use it? Every day, especially at standup.

How does it help? Easy visibility of the current sprint status by viewing tasks by stories and task status.

Stay tuned for our next set of blogs where we outline Walls to help you with release planning, estimation, story mapping, work sign-up and more

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