Calling out our Pink Elephant

Posted by Melissa Doerken

13 February 2014

Wielding power requires skill

Porsche. Maserati. Lamborghini. Some powerful machines, with equally powerful demands on supply and maintenance, let alone the driver. But when cared for and driven properly, there isn’t anything like it. And totally easy once you “get it,” once you clear the learning curve.

We’ve heard similar things about Mingle from our users. The following are unadulterated examples of feedback we’ve received:

I just couldn’t really figure out how to use it…I believe that Mingle is great and once I figured it out I’d be set, but the first few steps left me confused and feeling kind of stupid.

While powerful and flexible, having to write SQL in a wiki page to generate a burn-up chart seems like a bit much. Configuring workflows and methodologies was also a bit painful. Again, flexibility and power over simplicity.

Calling out our pink elephant…

This is the type of feedback most teams wouldn’t publicize, keeping it the pink elephant on the development floor. But this is the exact type of feedback we love to hear, even though it’s hard to swallow. The truth isn’t always easy, but owning it and using it to fuel inspired, aware development is key. And that’s what the Mingle team is doing. We’re calling out our pink elephant.

…and using it to improve our product

One thing that’s undeniable about Mingle is its power and flexibility — its power to visualize data and its flexibility to support any way of working and any change in that way of working. Originally designed and developed by devs themselves, it’s not surprising that Mingle is so powerful and configurable, data-driven and data-focused. It’s also not surprising that these features won out over usability. With so much power and configurability, you needed to know where all the gears, pistons, valves, cylinders are hidden. That is, until now, when we’re calling out our pink elephant.

Keeping the best of Mingle, while making it easier to use

Wouldn’t it be great if Mingle had the power and flexibility with simplicity and ease of use? Can’t you have your cake and eat it too? We want you to! And that’s where we’re headed.

We want Mingle to retain its data-driven insights and configurability while providing an easier and more intuitive experience for our customers. That’s why we’re committed to making it easy to start, easy to change, and easy to track this year. And that’s why we’ve already made improvements so you can start collaborating, improving and evolving with your team.

Check out what’s been done and in dev to let us know what you think and share feedback about what else we might do to make Mingle better for you.

The Mingle Team

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