New URL for API calls

Posted by Melissa

3 June 2014

This update applies to Mingle in the cloud customers only.
Onsite customers, please disregard.

To help improve performance around response times — and therefore your Mingle experience — we’ve done a bit of work under the hood. Namely, we’ve created a dedicated API node in our AWS infrastructure to process API requests and API requests alone.

By directing such requests to a dedicated node, we’re redirecting them away from our web nodes, which are then freed from extra load and better able to process other user-facing requests, such as updating cards.

What does this mean for you? Two things, actually:

  1. Better response times for actual usage via our UI
  2. A new URL endpoint for our API:
(As compared to our old URL endpoint

Please start sending your API calls to this new endpoint as we will be deprecating the old endpoint shortly. If you continue hitting the old endpoint after it’s deprecated, you’ll receive a 404 error, so we recommend you start sending your API calls to the new URL endpoint now.

HMAC authentication recommended

While we support Basic authentication for API requests, we recommend you use HMAC authentication instead. Learn how to setup HMAC authentication for your site.

For any questions regarding the new endpoint for our API, please contact our support team.

The Mingle API

Mingle offers a robust API so you can access and manipulate various kinds of resources, including cards, transitions, and users, among others. Learn more about the Mingle API.

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