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Mingle helps large organizations implement lean thinking, accelerate enterprise agility, reclaim innovation prowess, and deliver value faster.

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Support Agile across the enterprise

Mingle's program management functionality and flexible project settings support multi-level work structure and cross-project collaboration. This helps to ensure strategic decisions align tightly with team-level executions.

mingle program
mingle program

Encourage lean thinking at scale

It is very important to be vigilant against convolution and waste when scaling agile to aggregate levels such as programs and portfolios. Mingle’s program backlog supports working at scale and helps teams stay truly agile.

Proactive planning at the PMO level

Mingle’s timeline view for program plans coordinates multiple teams' work. Cross-project reporting uses real-time project data to generate forecasts that indicate if delivery is progressing as planned at program and/or portfolio levels. This type of visibility helps you understand which teams may need support, and when you might need to adapt your plan to accommodate changes.

mingle program
mingle program

Encourage collaboration across teams

Agile best practices prioritize in-person collaborations, but this can be very difficult with large or distributed teams. To scale Agile, Mingle encourages collaboration across different teams by bringing visibility and transparency to the program/portfolio level. Using Mingle’s "program view", everyone can view and interact with business objectives and plans, regardless of their location or schedule.

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