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Posted by Craig Wattrus

7 April 2014

Hello from the designers at Mingle HQ. You might have already seen what we’ve been up to for the last week or so. Here is a quick summary.

We decided to include some nice goodies along with the “blue for April” color.

Mingle is more productive.

We take your productivity very seriously. Earlier this year we made some changes to Mingle’s overall look and feel. However, that was just the beginning. We’ve been collecting your feedback and showing Mingle to lots and lots of new users. Each time we change Mingle we’re working towards making your life easier.

Digital wall screenshot

We’ve redesigned the tabs and brought some structure and focus to important parts of the nav bar. You’ll notice the overall UI a little cleaner, too.

Your favorite things, faster.

We’ve improved access to the “magic card”. If you haven’t tried it yet it’s most certainly the best way to add a card. Drag the little magic card onto a card wall and it’ll take on the properties of cards around it.

Add card screenshot

Take Mingle With You

Mingle is more responsive. Try it out!

We’ve made Mingle a lot more responsive to tablet sized screens. We’ve totally changed the underlying framework that gives Mingle it’s layout. Next time you want to take Mingle on the road with you, open it up on your iPad. Coming soon: drag and drop on touch screens


So much more coming.

We’re just getting started.

Watch out for these amazing new features in the next couple of weeks.

1. Drag and drop tabs
2. Add a tab with a single click
3. Rename a tab just by clicking it
4. Switch projects easily
5. Start your next project quickly

We’ve recently received a lot of requests for GitHub integration. Send us a note on Twitter or pop us an email at if you’d find this useful.

-The Mingle Team

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