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Posted by Melissa

18 June 2014

Connect your GitHub repo(s) to murmur your commits

Following our announcement of native support for Git integration, we’re happy to announce Mingle in the cloud now offers native support for GitHub integration as well!

Like our Git integration, this integration allows your GitHub commits to be pushed as murmurs to your Mingle project under the murmurs tab and, when you mention the card number in your commit message, the individual card as well.

Cool GitHub integration features

  1. The commit murmured to your Mingle project will contain a link back to your GitHub repo so you can see commit details and diffs

    Github murmur
  2. As with your Git integration, with the recent work we did around murmur love, if you murmur at @someone, @team, or @group in your GitHub commit message, they’ll also receive an email notification!

  3. You can connect multiple GitHub repos to a project! You can also connect a single repo to multiple projects. However, if you’re connecting a single repo to multiple projects, make sure your commit message includes the project id along with the card number (e.g. project_A/#123 or project_B/#123), otherwise the commit will be murmured to the same card number in all of your projects. Use Clippy to help out with this.


  1. Only users who are both Mingle admins and owners of the GitHub repo can setup the integration with the Mingle project


  1. Open your Mingle project
  2. Go to Project Admin
  3. Under Code Integration select GitHub

    Github code integration
  4. Complete the form with your GitHub information
  5. Click “Connect to GitHub”
GitHub connect form

GitHub personal API token

  1. Learn more about GitHub Personal API Tokens here
  2. Sign in to GitHub
  3. Go to Edit Profile
  4. Select Applications
    Github applications
  5. Click Generate New Token
    Github generate new token
  6. Name token
  7. Click Generate token
    Github generate token
  8. Copy token to clipboard (Note: Once you’ve navigated away from this page you will no longer be able to view the token and will need to regenerate the token)
    Github copy to clipboard
  9. Paste this token in the corresponding Mingle field (see above)

Test your GitHub integration

  1. Push a commit to the GitHub repo you just added the webhook to
  2. Go to the Murmurs tab in the Mingle project associated with the webhook
  3. You should see a recent Murmur, like this:
Github murmur
  1. If you pushed a commit that referenced a specific card, you should also see the commit murmured on the individual card sidebar as well:
Github card

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