Mingle is retiring

Posted by Sneha

31 July 2018

All great journeys come to an end. After eleven years helping teams collaborate, we have decided it is time to close Mingle.

We proudly launched Mingle in August 2007, with the world’s first ever digital card wall to support Agile project management. Since then, Mingle has aided hundreds of thousands of project managers, business analysts, developers and testers in big and small organizations to embrace agility and create value for their businesses. We are proud to have been a role model in the project management space and to have influenced many other Agile project management tools, and we’re proud of the teams we have supported. But now, after 11 years of capturing backlogs and managing iterations, we’ve decided it’s time to retire Mingle.

While we have now stopped all new development on Mingle, we will continue to provide support for one year – until July 31st, 2019. For now, you can use Mingle as you have always been. On June 30th 2019, your Mingle in the cloud instance will go into read-only mode. All instances will be deleted on August 1st, 2019. Mingle Onsite customers will still have access to all features after the AMS contract expires. Over the next few weeks, we will make available a full export feature that will make migration easier. Rest assured, we will be with you every step of the way through Mingle’s end of life.

Mingle EOL timeline

We know change can be hard. We have extensive information that will answer any questions you might have on our End of Life FAQ page. If you have any other questions or concerns, please write to us at support@thoughtworks.com. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

While Mingle is retiring, our work to support software development teams will continue. At ThoughtWorks we also build GoCD and Gauge – open source tools for continuous deployment and test management respectively – and we are excited by the influence that both products are having, and will continue to invest our efforts in these products.

Thank you very much for your support. Our customers have helped shape Mingle over the years, and we’re proud of all we’ve achieved together. Shutting down was a difficult decision to make; we hope you’ll see this journey through with us.

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