Introducing WIP Limits

Posted by Sneha

6 April 2017

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a new feature on Mingle on the Cloud. We’re big fans of the principles of Kanban, and practise a few of them on our team. In fact, we’ve written all about it in our new blog series: Best of Agile, Kanban and Scrum: Part 1 – Kanban in Principle

Work in Progress limits are a popular way to make throughput of work faster, and they are now available on your projects. Whether you’re using the Kanban template or not, you can set up WIP limit indicators on any of your team’s boards. Here’s how:

1. Go to your team board

Navigate to a Grid view in your project. The columns on a grid may be grouped based on any property of the cards in the view.

Grid view

2. Set the WIP limit on one or more columns

On each column header, you’ll find WIP : (not set) under the name of the column. If you’re a project admin, you’ll be able to edit these.

You can do one of two things:

a. Limit the number of cards in the column

Limit number of cards

b. Limit the number of story points, estimates, or any other numeric property, allowed in the column

Cap the sum of a numeric property

If you’re not a project admin, you’ll still be able to see the limits that have been set on your team board.

3. Save the board

Once you’ve set the limit, remember to Save the view on the tab or in your favorites. The WIP limits are now part of the board, and will kick in every time you view the board.

Save the tab

Save a favorite

You’re all set!

Whenever a card is moved into a column that has reached its limit, the column lights up and warns you!

Set WIP limits to maximise throughput

To hide the WIP limits, you could check the Hide WIP Limits checkbox in the grid settings on top of the board.

Setting WIP limits has proven to increase focus on getting work done faster. We hope you’ll see work flying across the board to Done when you’ve limited Work in Progress!

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