Movember - That's a wrap!

Posted by Sneha

1 December 2016

At the start of November, we announced that we, at Mingle, have challenged ourselves to get moving through the month. We wanted to go beyond the idea of men’s health awareness that Movember was instituted for, and work towards fitter, healthier lives for everyone! After all, healthier teams work much better!

In this vein, we got together and did a bunch of things.

Clean eating

When we ordered in, we made sure to get healthy food, balanced across food groups.

Clean eating

Short high-intensity exercises

We’d all go get coffee and tea as a team every afternoon, when we took a break from work to stretch our legs. Through Movember, we did more in these breaks: daily Tabatas to get our hearts pumping and exercise a different muscle each day. From planks to jumping jacks to crunches, we tried a whole range of quick workouts and challenged each other to push ourselves.



The movement made us talk about our favorite workouts around the worktable. We shared tips that worked for each of us, and discussed what we’d been reading and learning. We even shared our favorite tips from the team on Twitter.


No-shave Mingle

To remind ourselves and all Mingle users of the movement, the Mingle logo grew through the month.


Movember has ended, but we’re happy to have started off on some great healthy habits that we’ll carry into the next month and beyond.

Teams that work out together work great together! How does your team stay healthy? Tell us!

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