Get Moving with Mingle!

Posted by Sneha

1 November 2016

The Mingle team in India has just gotten back from a lovely Diwali holiday. Festivities started last week, and like most Indian celebrations, went on for several days!

fireworks for Diwali

We’ve had a blast, pun unintended. Aside from the fireworks, new clothes and good family time, we’ve gorged on rich Diwali delicacies all week long. We’ve feasted on Indian sweets of all shapes and sizes, and decadent fried treats from all parts of the country, all of which made us very happy!

Diwali food

All that decadence was great while it lasted. Now we’re back at work with lovely memories and an incredible zeal to lose some holiday weight.

So we’ve taken a vow to get more fit. This coincides very nicely with Movember. While the Movember Foundation was created to raise awareness on men’s health issues, it has grown to be a larger movement on general health and fitness.

So this November, we’re going to do more than grow moustaches (some of us have fine ones, by the way!). We’re going to take inspiration from the movement and the people around us who stay driven and focused on good health, and make ourselves happier and healthier.

Launching Movember

All through November, Mingle-on-the-cloud will be all Movembered up. Watch out for some great fitness tips from Minglers – we hope you’re inspired to get moving like us, and share your own tips with us at @thatsmingle!

We’ll also remind you that it’s Movember by featuring the signature moustaches on Mingle. How many can you count on your wall?

Mingle Movember logo

What are you waiting for? #GetMoving this Movember!

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