Conversations on Mingle - now from your mailbox!

Posted by Sneha

28 October 2016

Murmurs are amongst our most popular features on Mingle. Thousands of murmurs are created everyday – conversations are literally flying back and forth on Mingle cards.

Conversation is central to great collaboration, and we believe there is no such thing as overcommunication in project management. We like to create more and more ways by which we can help teams talk. That in mind, we’ve taken murmurs to the next level.

You can now participate in conversations on Mingle right from your email inbox. Intrigued? Here are more details.

As always, we’ll continue to notify you on email when you’ve been mentioned on a murmur. You may have been mentioned yourself, or might be in a group that’s been mentioned.

Not sure what the murmur is about?

The email we send you now has more context of the conversation.

Reply to murmurs from email

You see not only the murmur you’ve most recently been mentioned in, but also the conversation before it. We highlight to you all the times you’ve been mentioned before as well.

Want to murmur a reply?

You don’t have to log in to Mingle and open up the card to post a reply to the murmur. Replying to the email posts your response onto the conversation on Mingle.

So an email like this -

Reply to murmurs from email

Becomes a murmur like this!

A murmur created from email

Get in on the conversation just by hitting Reply on your email client!

Things you should know

General murmurs email notification

Gets posted in the Murmurs section on the header, like this —

General murmurs posted via email

Signature stripped

We’re working on some more enhancements to murmurs.. Stay tuned!

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions, comments, or feedback.

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