New Help Center for Mingle!

Posted by Huimin Li

28 September 2016

You may have noticed our Knowledge Base has been replaced by a shiny new Help Center. What does this mean for you the user?

Your bookmarked Knowledge Base links should automatically forward to the same article or community post within the new Help Center, so if you have a favorite article that you reference often, you should not need to update your bookmarks.

Additionally, your subscriptions (now called follows) have been carried over, so for example if you were subscribed to the latest Mingle installer post, you are now following that post and no actions are needed.

We invite you to continue to post questions within the Mingle Q&A forum using the new WYSIWYG editor, to up vote questions, and to follow articles and posts that are relevant to your interests.


If you have any feedback about the new Help Center, we’d love to hear it! You can either post in the community forum or email us at

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