Mingle 16.2 : Making your day-to-day more intuitive

Posted by Huimin Li

14 September 2016

We’re excited to introduce Mingle’s newest improvements. Based on customer feedback, we’ve improved some functions you use in your day-to-day workflow. We also made Mingle fully touch-responsive! We hope these advances will make your everyday experiences with Mingle feel natural and effortless.

A Fully Touch-Responsive Board

Everything is on touchscreens these days, and so is Mingle! Mingle has supported the ability to view and edit Mingle cards on a tablet or touchscreen TV for a while. But with Mingle 16.2, you can even drag and drop cards across the wall, rearrange the header tabs, and reorder swimlanes. Mingle is truly and fully touch-responsive now. Go ahead: pull it up on your iPad and give it a try. Let us know what you think.

Mingle touch-screen

Enhancement of Day-to-Day Features

Some of Mingle’s most popular day-to-day features are its tags, “favorite” views and checklists. In 16.2, you can reorder card tags by simply dragging them on the card; rename and edit favorites without leaving your current view; and set up checklist templates in a card default so they’re automatically loaded when you create a new card. Checklists now can also be exported and imported.

Upgrade to Ruby 1.9

We’ve upgraded the version of Ruby we were using to Ruby 1.9. The newer version of Ruby promises better performance for our application and also makes fixing bugs easier for us. Read more about our journey.

Get 16.2 Today and Give Us Feedback!

Download 16.2 now and check out our help document for all the details about what’s included. Got comments or feedback? Simply tweet us @thatsmingle. Hope to hear from you soon and hope you enjoy the advancements in Mingle 16.2.

Thank you!

— the Mingle team

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