Recent enhancements in Mingle!

Posted by Sneha

4 July 2016

We, at the Mingle team, release as often as we can. We aim to deploy to production every day, and we’re very close! This means all you lovely users of Mingle on the cloud can see new enhancements often!

Here are some changes we made this past week:

Set up default checklists

We know many of our customers thrive on to-do lists. We get that – we’re the same! Ever since we introduced checklists a few months ago, we’ve had lots of great feedback and requests to make them better! A few days ago, we included checklists in exports and imports. But we didn’t stop at that.

From this week onwards, you can set up a default to-do list for all cards of a type.

Do this by going to Project Admin > Card types > Edit defaults. Write up your checklist and save. Ta-da! Every card you spin up of that type will have the checklist pre-set.


You can still add more items, remove items, and edit as you please on each individual card.

What would your team use this feature for? Write in and tell us! We love hearing all the creative ways you use Mingle’s features.

Rename favorites

We all have our favorite Mingle views, and we like bookmarking them as our favorites and our team’s favorites. Sadly, there was no way to rename a favorite once you’d saved it. You’d have to put as much as thought into naming one as you’d put into christening a baby!

It was painful for you, and we feel ya! You can now edit the name of your favorites as many times as you like.


Anyone in the project can rename team favorites. Let the naming wars begin!

(Pssst… did you notice the new Save icon for favorites? We’ve pushed the old icon into oblivion!)

What else is happening?

Aside from new features, we’re also working on some exciting technical enhancements. The tech geeks reading this – stay tuned, we have plenty to report!

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions, comments, or feedback.

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