Mingle Plus - Dependencies Additions

Posted by Leo

1 February 2016

We’ll be pushing out several additions to our dependency management features over the course of the next couple weeks. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Dependency history

Snapshots of dependencies will be created every time a change has been made. This includes events such as editing descriptions or properties, linking or unlinking raising/resolving cards, and attachment upload or deletions.

Dependency history can be viewed from the project history tab…


…or directly from the dependency pop-up.


Attachment panel in dependency pop-up

Attachment uploads will be conveniently located in the panel on the right of the dependency pop-up. You’ll be able to upload, view, download, and delete attachments directly from the panel.


Deleting projects with dependencies

Sometimes projects get deleted. It happens, but that doesn’t mean your dependencies are no longer valid. With this change, even if a project that you raised a dependency on was deleted, you’ll still be able to reassign that dependency to another existing project.


History panel in card pop-up

We’ll be including card history as a side panel for card pop-ups very soon.

As always, feel free to reach us at mingle.feedback@thoughtworks.com with any questions/comments!

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