Special Character Bug Affecting Macros

Posted by Erin

2 September 2015

Mingle recently encountered a bug which escapes some special characters: for example “&” and “>” characters get replaced with “&” and “>”. As a result, some of our users may be experiencing pop-up error messages on some of pages and cards.

This bug won’t effect every page, but if you see a pop-up message saying that Mingle has encountered a problem it couldn’t fix, it is most likely because one of the charts on your page contains an escaped character.

Here is how to fix it

Look through your macros and see if any of them are not rendering correctly.

Click on the Edit button to edit your page.

Hover your mouse over the broken macro until an orange macro editor button appears, then click on it. This will open the macro editor.

alt desc here

Inside your macro editor, look for an escaped character. It will begin with an ampersand and end with a semi-colon.

alt desc here

Replace the escaped character with the special character that should be there. For & and ! characters, you could also use the MQL keywords “AND” and “IS NOT” if you’d like.

alt desc here

Then click OK and save your page.

Keep in mind that this bug is not affecting all macros and you will only need to check pages and cards that are throwing an error message. Most of your pages should be fine.

How to fix multiple broken macros with MS Word or Libre Office

For those of you with multiple broken macros on a page, it might be easier to copy the source code of your page into a text editor such as Microsoft Word or Libre Office and use the built-in “find and replace” function to bulk edit your macros.

Here are the steps for that:

Click on Edit to edit your page. Then click on the Source button.

alt text

Copy everything and paste it into a text editor of your choice. I’m using Libre Office for my examples.

Click on Edit, then Find and Replace.

alt desc here

Enter the escaped character in “find” and the special character in “replace”. Then click Replace All.

alt desc here

Once you have found and replaced all of your escaped characters, copy the content and paste back into the Mingle page’s source code. You are replacing the old source code with the new, edited source code.

alt desc here

Save your page. You shouldn’t see that pop-up error message any more!

Still need help?

Please reach out to our Product Support team if you have any questions at support@thoughtworks.com. We’re happy to help!

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