Intro to Neo4j

Posted by Jen Quraishi

29 April 2015

At Mingle, we’re always trying to learn new things and expand our skill sets. Mingle developer extraordinaire Wang Pengchao (we call him WPC) recently gave us all a tutorial on Neo4j and we wanted to share it so you can also gain new skills.

In case you haven’t worked with it, Neo4j is a very popular, open-source graph database implemented in Java.

WPC gave a nice introduction to the program, and shared a “friend-of-a-friend” example from Neo4j to explain how it can use known relationships to predict who is likely to be friends with or know one another. A different example by Nicole White—which WPC got to in the slides but not in his presentation—demonstrated how logs of delayed flights can be used to estimate the average wait for a taxi at airports. Pretty cool stuff!

See the slides and video above to learn more.

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