Live Board Is Now Live!

Posted by Huimin

14 April 2015

One of our goals this year was to provide you with the ability to see real-time updates to your team boards. Well, we’ve done it: Mingle “Live Board” is now available!


Imagine you’re having your daily standup meeting on Google hangouts. You open your team board, discuss a story, and move it to “done”. All your colleagues working remotely will see this change right away, without reloading their pages. This will enhance your team’s collaboration, and will hopefully improve your user experience, too. We want Mingle to help your team stay on the same page, no matter where you’re working from.

Enjoy your live board!

If you have any feedback, leave a comment here or tweet us @thatsmingle.


How does it work?

We are using Firebase to make this happen. Every time a card changes—including updating card properties, adding new cards, adding a tag, changing a card title, assigning team members, etc.—Firebase will process the changes and broadcast them to other active clients instantly.

Is it available for onsite customers?

Unfortunately, no. Because Mingle uses a Firebase service for this feature, this service is only available for SaaS customers. But, Mingle onsite customers can still use the “Who else is viewing” feature: this will tell you who else is viewing or editing the card or page you’re looking at.

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