Win $500 Writing About Mingle or Snap

Posted by Jen

16 March 2015


Mingle and Snap are excited to announce they will award $500 prizes for the best blog posts on specific topics for AirPair’s developer writing competition. Blog posts are judged by community ratings and number of social shares they receive.

Snap: $500 prize
Topic: Techniques for getting fast feedback in continuous integration or continuous delivery setups

Mingle: $500 prize
Topic: Why developers should be involved in business decisions

No matter what you decide to write about, you should consider entering the competition because AirPair’s giving out $100,000 in total prize money. This includes guaranteed prizes: if your post on any topic gets 2500 shares (combined FB, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn), you automatically win $1500! Submissions close May 30th, 2015, so get started—the earlier you submit, the more time your post has to collect reviews and shares.

Submit your posts here:

And don’t forget to tell us about your posts so we can share them with our audiences too. This is a great opportunity to stretch your skillset AND gain a following while winning cash. Win-win-win.

Never done social authoring before? Got questions? AirPair has an easy how-to to help you begin. Looking forward to reading all your awesome contributions!

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