Three Creative Uses for Mingle

Posted by Jen

26 February 2015

A recent blog post about using project management tools to store recipes got us thinking: How are people using Mingle? Mingle is designed as a project management tool for software developers, but we know of many Mingle projects that don’t involve software at all. You can use Mingle to develop a screenplay, negotiate multiple school applications, plan a vacation, or even just for brainstorming. Below are a few favorite examples from our team.

Wedding Planning

Our developer Kiera used Mingle boards to plan her wedding. One one board, she made separate swimlanes for the reception, the ceremony, even for the gift bags. On the board below, she was able to categorize tasks by whether they needed to be bought or made. Mingle’s highly visible tags labeled cards with deadlines so she could easily see, in one glance, when various tasks needed to be completed. The board became the “go-to source of truth” for Kiera, her now-husband, and her sister, who were all working on different tasks simultaneously. Though there were the usual worries about weather and last-minute to-dos, Kiera’s “I dos” went off without a hitch.

wedding image

Buying a New Home

When our product manager Ethan bought a house with his fiance, they used Mingle to keep track of the closing documents and plan their move. Ethan and his fiance were able to capture important tasks like “get quotes for mudding work” and “termites” (!) on story cards. Ethan chose to organize his swimlanes by status, so he could easily drag a card from the “to do” lane to “doing” lane, for example. And as you can see in the screenshot below, he made different tabs for “Our Move” and “Fix-It List” to keep his myriad tasks on their respective boards. Now that Ethan’s move is finished, he’s now happily ensconced in a lovely home that’s walking distance to the train AND decent coffee.

real estate image

Divvying up Housework

With two adults, a cat, and an active three-year-old running around, my house can get messy. But whose job should it be to clean up? There have been many bitter debates and telling studies, about how much housework men and women do. Instead of bickering, we’ve used Mingle to delegate tasks. It’s definitely reduced arguments and helped my house stay cleaner. Not clean, mind you, but cleaner.

housework image

How do you Mingle? Contact us to let us know or comment below. Extra credit for screenshots.

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