Mingle for the Lazy Business Analyst

Posted by Huimin

17 December 2014

We are a small team. We have a lazy business analyst (BA).

Small team picture

We bought a touch TV and our BA now plays games all day.


We abandoned the physical card wall. Our BA is too lazy to sync it with Mingle.


We abandoned the whiteboard. Our BA is too lazy to capture whiteboard conversations and images.


What DOES the lazy BA do?

She adds stories during standup.

Add card

During team huddles, she uses the TV to capture notes, draw images, and attach them to story cards. She can also turn them into new cards and assign someone to work on them.

Team huddles
Team huddles 2

She kicks off stories at standup.


She signs off on stories on the TV.

Sign off

I am the lazy BA. I am happy.
Want to be as happy and as shameless as me? This is all you need: an awesome team + big touch TV + Mingle.

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