Mingle Makes Donation to Chagossian People

Posted by Jen

24 November 2014

We at Mingle love our .io domain. It’s got that input/output reference, and it’s short and memorable. But so is .ly, and that domain supports the Libyan government, which has been called out by the UN for human rights violations.

Luckily for Mingle, .io is the country code for “British Indian Ocean Territory” and is owned by the UK government. That sounds safe, right? Well, it’s not so simple, as some other .io domain holders have discovered.

ThoughtWorks Studios Director of Product Management Suzie blogged about the history of the Chagos Islands earlier, but the quick-and-dirty is that the UK forcibly evicted people from the 60-island Chagos archipelago in the 1960s. The US and UK then used the largest Chagossian island, Diego Garcia, for a joint military base that now has around 5,000 troops. Since their eviction, the Chagossian people have been lobbying the UK government to decommission Diego Garcia and allow them to return to their homeland.

In support of the Chagossian people, ThoughtWorks Studios has made a donation of the cost of domain renewal (£288 GBP / $450 USD) to a Chagossian advocacy organization. We thought it was only fair we contribute to the Chagossian people since our actual renewal fees go to the UK government.

But Mingle isn’t the only .io domain holder to offer aid to the Chagossians: Seats.io also donated an amount equal to their domain renewal to a Chagossian cause. Here’s hoping other .io companies will follow our examples and support the Chagossian people next time they renew.

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