Card Editor Improvements

Posted by Leo

11 November 2014

For those of you who spend a lot of time editing and curating card content, we improved our card editor with the goal of saving you time and making your lives easier – and hopefully some eye and hand strain.

Expand the card editor to full view

When you’re editing a card in the pop-up view, you can now expand the window to fill the entire screen.

Expand full view

Vertically resize the card editor window

Or, you can also drag to resize the edit window itself.

Vertically expand edit window

Right-click for spell check

Previously, right clicking in a card brought you to our macro editor options. We’ve now switched that behavior to show you the default (browser) right-click options. What does that mean? That means that spell check is back! But, for those times you want to edit a macro, all you need to do is hold cmd + right click (Mac) or ctrl + right click (Windows) to see Mingle’s macro editor options.

Spell check

Block quotes

Finally, we’ve added the option to add block quotes to your card content.

Block quotes

We’d love to know what you think of these improvements! Leave a comment below or tweet us @thatsmingle.

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