4 Quick Wins That Will Save You Time

Posted by Leo

8 October 2014

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been making small improvements that we hope you’ll find useful whether you have a team of 5 or 50. As always, all of our improvements are working towards bringing simplicity back to Mingle.

Quick add card popup

Adding new cards shouldn’t feel like a multi-step task. We’ve streamlined the process and have made it easy to do all the things necessary to get a card ready. Now you can edit your description and immediately set card and tree properties as well.

Add card with tree property

Murmur conversations

We’ve cleaned up murmurs to make it easier to gain context. Now you can easily jump in and out of a conversation!

Murmur convo

Card preview stays open after triggering transitions

We’ve made a simple change so that triggering a transition will keep the card preview open instead of automatically closing it.


See the card type right away

Your card types should be easily distinguishable, so we’ve separated them from the card properties and moved them to the top of the card.

Card type tab

Let us know what you think by commenting below or tweeting us @thatsmingle.

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