Story Mapping with Mingle

Posted by Melissa

24 September 2014

Story mapping, popularized by Jeff Patton (@jeffpatton) in his article, The new user story backlog is a map, is a great way to lay out your work across a user journey over time. We formally introduced the ability to story map with Mingle with our new scrum template. However, we’ve always supported this functionality, so for those of you who don’t use that template but want to story map in your own project, we thought we’d show you how.

2D wall

In our new scrum template, we created a Story Map wall organized by goals, features, and stories, with goals being what your user wants to achieve, the features providing the functionality necessary to achieve those goals, and stories of course being the piece of work necessary to build the feature.

Goal feature

Similarly, you could have a Story Map organized by goals, stories, and tasks, with the goals being what your user wants to achieve, the stories representing the steps needed to achieve the goal, and the tasks necessary to play the story.

Goal story

Whatever your preferred structure, both the columns and rows are assumed to reflect chronological order of the user journey, left to right and top to bottom. And both can be built in the same way (save the naming, of course :) Here’s how, using the Goal – Feature – Story Structure:

1. Create card types

Go to Project admin and create three new cards types: 1) Goal; 2) Feature; and 3) Story.

Create card type

2. Create a tree

Again, go to Project admin and create a card tree that reflects the Goal – Feature – Story structure we’re using in this example.

Create card tree
Story map tree

3. Create cards

Create your Goal, Feature, and Story cards as appropriate using the Quick Add or drag and drop “magic card”.

Magic card

4. Create your Story Map board

Create a board by following these steps:

  1. Go to the “All” tab
  2. Add a filter “Type is Story”
  3. Apply the grid layout
  4. Group your columns by Goal and rows by Feature
  5. Voila! Your Story Map Board is ready to go!

TIP: For an extra dimension, you can also color by another property, such as priority.

Story map

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