Backups and Business Continuity

Posted by Ethan

22 September 2014

A few customers have asked us recently what we recommend in terms of taking regular backups and what would happen in the (extremely unlikely) “what-if” scenario that our business goes dark.

I wanted to write-up and share our responses to these 2 questions so it’s clear and available for everyone to read.


Mingle in the cloud is built on AWS infrastructure. Therefore, we leverage their services to back-up all of our customers’ data. We take full database backups each day, as well as “deltas” or snapshots every 5 minutes.

If you host Mingle onsite, whoever is administering your Mingle instance should be taking regular back-ups based on what’s most appropriate for your team or company. For even more peace of mind, you could also export your Mingle project(s) and save them somewhere, as needed.

Feel free to check out our security overview for more detailed information.

Business continuity

We have monitoring and alerts in place for Mingle in the cloud to proactively warn us of possible problems. And, since Mingle in the cloud is built on AWS infrastructure, unexpected downtime may still happen but it is (a) not common, and (b) usually does not last very long. You can check out our latest uptime stats on our Pingdom page.

We do not recommend maintaining your own physical server as a “backup” in the event of prolonged downtime. The effort needed to get that up and running with your most recent data will in all likelihood take far longer than the downtime period itself.

Finally, in the extremely unlikely event we are no longer able to offer Mingle in the cloud we will notify you as far in advance as possible and provide you with a means of getting your data out of the cloud and access it locally.

Do you have questions about any of this? Write to us at

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