Mingle 14.2 Brings Simple Back

Posted by Ethan

10 September 2014

Mingle 14.2 screenshot

We’re happy to announce the release of Mingle 14.2 for our onsite customers! We’ve been hard at work Bringing Simple Back to Mingle, and have made many great improvements over these past several months that we’re excited to share with you, including drag-and-drop team avatars, @mention notifications, sticky column headers, and more.

Making the everyday feel natural

One of our goals is to make the common, everyday interactions with Mingle cards feel as natural as writing on, marking up, and even ripping up a physical index card.

Even in a digital world, things can feel tactile

We believe once you move to a digital wall you shouldn’t have to give up the immediate, tactile interaction you get with a physical wall. Now with 14.2, you can! Simply drag and drop your team’s avatars to pin or unpin them from cards.

Empowering teams to DIY

We want to empower you and your team to self-organize and change Mingle to support how your team works as you evolve and improve. Now you can rename or reorder columns and tabs in your project simply by dragging them.

Also, we’ve made getting to the underlying card configuration settings easier, right from the card preview. We understand this is just a first step. We will definitely be revisiting how to make configuring cards, properties, etc. easier and more intuitive.

Seeing the complete picture

Seeing all your team’s work on the board is one thing. But the conversations you have about the work are just as important. That is why we’ve redesigned Murmurs so that you can easily ping and converse with individuals or groups via @mentions, or even @team to ping your entire team, who will then receive an email notification of your murmur. Also, we’ve made Murmurs much more prominent and easily accessible from anywhere in your project to provide even more visibility into your team’s conversations.

Get 14.2 today and give us feedback!

Check out this post for all the details about what’s included in 14.2, and get the latest installers.

Also, we’d love your feedback! Simply tweet us @thatsmingle, or comment in this post. We’d love to hear from you.

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