Edit Properties and Tags, & Murmurs on Card Preview!

Posted by Melissa

8 September 2014

We’ve been giving a lot of attention to card preview to help you quickly make changes, visualize information, and get on with your work.

Our recent focus has been on tags: editing and then coloring them from the card preview to radiate information (like “Blocked” or “Urgent”), right from your card wall.

Tags on wall

Now, we’ve made all properties editable from the card preview as well. We show all of them in a neat grid layout and allow you to set values so you can quickly update properties on the fly.

Edit properties

We’ve also built upon our work around Murmurs to help you communicate more easily with your team by surfacing card murmurs to the preview. Now you can stay even more in sync about individual cards.

Murmurs on card preview

Have thoughts? Let us know! We’d love to talk to you as we continue making Mingle better for you. Feel free to tweet us @thatsmingle or comment in this post.

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