Color your tags...and see them on your wall!

Posted by Melissa

2 September 2014

As you know, we recently made tags editable on the card preview. Now you can color and see them on your card wall too!

How it works

  1. Just add a tag to your card
  2. Click on the tag
  3. Pick a color
  4. Close your card
  5. Voilà! The mini card now shows the tag on your wall
Colored tag

A few notes

  1. The color tag functionality is available on both the card preview and full view
  1. Only one tag — the first tag you color, chronologically speaking — will appear on the mini card at a time (your other tags will still be visible in alphabetical order and can be colored on the card itself, but only the first one you colored chronologically will show up on your wall)
  1. If you don’t want the tag to appear on the mini card but want to keep the tag, simply don’t choose a color for the tag

Let us know what you think! We’d love to learn how you’re using this awesome new feature, and if you have any feedback to help us make it better.

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