Four Small Improvements - One Big Smile

Posted by Melissa

6 August 2014

Hopefully you’ve noticed the handful of small, but valuable, improvements we’ve pushed to Mingle in the cloud over the last few weeks. If not, here’s a quick recap! Together, these changes are helping us on our ongoing journey to bring simple back to Mingle.

Sticky Column Headers

Is your screen too small to show all existing cards on your wall? Can’t remember which swimlane they’re in when you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the wall? Now, your column headers stick so you always know where you—and your cards—are.

(We continue to encourage “slim” card walls so your team can maintain strong focus on what’s actually in progress, so please don’t consider this encouragement to amass an endless backlog of work! :)

Sticky headers

Quick + Card in any Column

Want to add a card to your wall on the fly? Now, you can add a card to any column by clicking on the blue “+” that appears when you hover over any column.

New add card

1-Click Navigation to Everything Cards

Looking at a card and decide you want to tweak how cards are configured “under the hood”? Now you can quickly navigate to to your project’s card types, properties, transitions, trees, and keywords to make larger underlying changes to card settings. Just click on the gear on the card preview.

Gear on preview

Expand and Collapse Properties on Card Preview

Want to see all of the properties on your card preview to get more detail? Just expand the property drop-down arrow to see all of your card’s property values. And collapse it to return to the single line of properties so you can refocus on your discussion on your card’s content. (Please note only properties whose values are set will appear on the card preview.)

Expand properties on preview

Let us know if you have a big smile on your face now by commenting here or tweeting us @thatsmingle.

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