Murmurs help you stay in sync

Posted by Ethan

17 July 2014

You’ll find something new at the top of Mingle today: Murmurs. It’s a built-in channel for your team to chat about the work in progress, notify each other of issues with the build, or where you’re all going for lunch!

Murmurs header

While Murmurs has long been part of Mingle, we’ve made a lot of great enhancements to it and made it accessible from anywhere in Mingle. So, even if your team’s used it before, you’ll want to check it out again.

Just murmur @someone and they’ll get an email notification

When you want to murmur someone on your team directly, just type @ and their name with your message. We even autocomplete your team’s names for you!

The person (or people) you’re murmuring at will immediately receive an email with your message and have the option to reply from there.

And, if you want to send a message to everyone on your team, all you have to do is murmur @team. Or, if you have groups set up in your Mingle project (like “Devs” or “Designers”), you can directly murmur @ your groups, too.


Git and GitHub commit messages as Murmurs

Now that Mingle in the cloud integrates with Git and GitHub, we include your team’s commit messages in your team’s Murmur stream.

If a specific Mingle card is referenced in a commit message (by card number, like #857), the commit message will also show up in the card itself.

And, you can now murmur at someone directly in your commit message! Just murmur at them in your commit message and they will automatically get an email notification.

Murmurs commits

You no longer have to choose between comments or murmurs – it’s just Murmurs

Previously, Comments and Murmurs were distinct concepts in Mingle. We’ve combined them now as just Murmurs. You can still add a message directly to a card, but instead of that message living only in the card – and therefore not visible to the rest of your team – it will now show up in your team’s Murmur stream so that everyone sees it and have shared context about what is going on. (They won’t receive an email unless you specifically @mention them in your message.)

Tell us what you think!

We want to make Murmurs work even better for your team. So, we’d love your feedback! Tweet us at @thatsmingle or simply click Speak with us (in Mingle’s footer) to send us your thoughts.

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