DIY made easier - 1 click to edit columns

Posted by Melissa

11 June 2014

As part of our Empowering teams to DIY theme, we’ve made it really easy to edit and rename the columns on your card wall through direct manipulation. Now you can just drag a column to move it to a different position on your wall. You can also edit the name of a column just by clicking it.

Didn’t know this? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! That’s because it wasn’t immediately discoverable when we first launched it. But we’ve done some work to make this functionality much more obvious.

Just hover to edit or hide your column

Now, when you mouse over the column header, you see the option to edit the column name – or even hide the column entirely.

Quick note: as part of our effort to empower everyone to collaborate and make Mingle work best for the entire team, project and Mingle admins can rename columns but all team members are empowered to add, hide, or reorder them.

Edit when hover

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