Drag-and-drop avatars & Git integration

Posted by Ethan Teng

4 June 2014

Drag-and-drop avatars

We are hard at work Bringing Simple Back to Mingle. We believe that even though Mingle is a digital tool, it should still feel tactile, like a physical wall.

We added avatars to Mingle earlier this year. Today, we’ve made them drag-and-droppable! Now, you can easily pin (or unpin) your team’s faces onto cards, just like you would on a physical wall.

Drag drop avatars

Git integration for Mingle in the cloud

We’re also excited to bring you Git integration for Mingle in the cloud!

Now, you can integrate one or multiple Git repos with a single project. You’ll then see your team’s Git commits in cards and in your team’s Murmur stream.

Read this post for more information on how to set this up for your project!

Commits murmur

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