Hackdays on the Mingle Team

Posted by Melissa

23 May 2014

About two months ago, we wanted to spice things up, let people scratch those itches they’ve been wanting to scratch, and explore what we could do towards Bringing Simple Back. So what did we do? We introduced hackdays.

Now, this was not an unfamiliar practice to us. In the past we had week-long “freestyles,” but this time around we didn’t have that much time to spare and we wanted to move at a faster pace. So we went with a one-day hackday. We also wanted a different location, an unfamiliar environment with a new energy to help spark our creativity a bit. So we went off-site to a coworking space, Parisoma, in San Francisco. We enjoyed breakfast with the other teams working there, and then broke off in pairs or singles and got to hacking!

Our Hacks

At the end of our first hackday, we had this to show:
Three weeks later, we did it again and came up with this:
And again three weeks after that, with this:

Variety – Energy – Creativity

As you can see, many of our valuable “hacks” made it to production and more are coming your way! These hackdays have punctuated our regular team rhythm with variety and energy, helping inspire creativity. We’re trying out new co-working spaces and are developing the habit of showcasing work at the end of each hackday. We’re going to keep up the hacking and see what else we come up with to further accentuate the great work we’re doing to make Mingle better for you!

What makes your team work better together?

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